Why to choose glass partitions for office?

Published: 09th August 2011
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Glass partitioning for offices provide a work area that is simultaneously functional, dynamic, modern, light and effective.

By dividing an office into sections you are able to maximise the space available to, creating separate work areas for your employees and generating a conscientious and enthusiastic working environment. The use of glass partitions ensures that no area of the office is isolated in this division.

Glass office partitions maximise the light as well as the space of an office without taking away from a hardworking and driven atmosphere.

The design and layout of glass office partitions can be limited by a building’s structure; however they are a highly flexible addition and can be made to work for almost any space. There is variety of partitions available to suits even the most demanding requirements. Some of them can be fully demountable and relocatable. Others enable to build free standing room in almost any shape from square, round to hexagonal. The possibility of some of the glass partitioning for office systems are endless, due to extreme versatility of them they can be used to create not just a room within office but also lift surroundings or balustrades. The finishes of office partitions vary as well, but certainly in today’s office world the glass partitions whether they are with frames or without are the most popular and once installed give the office modern look, makes the place more spacious and lighter and increase standard of the whole interior of any office.

Floor to ceiling glass partitioning give offices the illusion of a glass room. The areas where the glass panels join can be filled with clear silicone, maintaining an unobtrusive, smooth finish look throughout the office.

In order to avoid injury occurring from people walking into the glass partitions, offices are able to invest in ‘manifestation film’, which can be applied to the glass in order to make it more visible. This film can be ordered in a number of specifications, for example showing the company’s name and/or logo. These add to the positive atmosphere of an office as well as providing an interesting focal point for clients and other visitors.

Glass panelling is available in the form of sleek, linear cuts or, alternatively, curved shapes which create an unusual yet stylish architecture with an immaculate finish.

Glass partitions are available both with and without a frame. Framed partitions are often combined with solid division walls and framed with either a wooden or metal finish, whilst still allowing the flow of light throughout a workspace. Frameless glass partitions are usually made from 10 mm, 12mm, or 15mm sheets of toughened glass. These are secured with very discreet floor, ceiling and wall joints. These partitions offer noise reduction as well as letting light flow throughout the entire workspace. Glass office partitions prices vary based on the type of glass, framing and other options you want.

Glass partitions are available in single and double glazing, and they are an effective way of giving your office fashionable, contemporary look, where people are happily coming to work.

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